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Q. When does the admission process start at Greenwich?
A. Admission dates are announced on the website and in major newspapers. Admissions are open three times in a year for Fall, Winter and Spring term.
Q. Can a student awaiting result apply for the program?
A. Yes, however they have to complete their file with all academic records within a semester of their studies at Greenwich; this is in addition to the condition that the students have no deficiency in the previous years of their academic qualification.
Q. Who should be asked to write the recommendation letters?
A. Junior or Senior year teachers who know the applicant well should write the recommendation letters. Applicants may also choose someone other than blood relatives to write the recommendation letter who knows the applicants abilities.
Q. What is University Placement Test (UPT)?
A. All candidates are required to sit for the UPT. The Test is to judge the intellectual capability, managerial potential and personal facts of the applicant. Test comprises of English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. Sample Test paper is provided.
Q. How to prepare for the UPT?
A. All candidates are advised to read daily English newspapers for improvement in general knowledge and English language. Mathematics section covers basic concepts.
Q. When and how is student notified about the status of admission?
A. University Placement Test is conducted after the last date of application. Date and time of the UPT is conveyed to the candidate through email and courier. Candidates scoring reasonable grade in the UPT are called for Interview and Group Discussion. Letters for interview are sent through email and courier. Acceptance letter with invoice is sent through courier. In addition to this Manager Coordination may contact the applicant through phone/SMS/email.
Q. Can an applicant after admission defer studies for admission?
A. Yes. Applicant must in writing request deferment and specify which semester he/she would like to resume studies.
Q. How many semesters are the in a year?
A. There are three semesters in a year at Greenwich. Fall – Winter – Spring.
A. Yes. A Summer Program is offered to students who want to catch up with studies during summer break. List of courses on offer is displayed at the Communication Centre two weeks before Mid-Term Examination of Spring Term. Registration ends before Mid Term Examination. Regular as well as visiting students can take Summer Program.
A student in general can take two courses in Summer Program. Duration is usually six weeks.
Q. What is the schedule of classes at Greenwich?
A. The time table slots are 10-1:00, 2:00-5:00 and 6:00-9:00. The faculty for core courses sometime opts to take classes on Saturdays and Sundays, the same is notified in the beginning of the term.
Q. What resources are available for choosing carrier paths and internships?
A. Greenwich has well established Corporate Placement Office. The office arranges placements and internships for students at various national and multinational organizations including foreign and local banks. Internship program lasts for 6 – 8 weeks. Internships are structured so that students can apply their classroom knowledge to a practical work setting.
Q. Can a prospective student attend a classroom session?
A. Yes. Applicants are welcome to sit in on classes for short duration of half an hour after taking approval from the Communication Center on the recommendation of the Counselor.
Q. How does academic advising work at Greenwich?
A. Permanent faculty members are academic counselors / advisors at Greenwich. They assist and guide students with program planning and help them in learning policies and procedures, fulfilling graduation requirements on time, explaining transfer of credit process information. Students are advised to consult them on regular basis through the reception on all the issues.
Q. Is there someone (student) I can mail or talk to on campus?
A. Yes. Applicants can contact students working with admission office through admission counselors.
Q. Is there any Financial Assistance program at Greenwich?
A. Yes. Financial Assistance is given to students on the basis of need and merit. There is some fee waiver for siblings also. Details can be obtained from the office of the Bursar. A financial assistance form is required to be filled in with attachments to qualify for consideration during the second term of studies. Students with Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.8 on scale of 4 are given 25% scholarship on tuition fees.
Q. Do you have any transport facility?
A. Transport facility is only for girls residing in Defence and Clifton area.
Q. Do you have sports activities and can a student be admitted on the basis of achievements in sports?
A. Yes. We have active sports activities at Greenwich. Many of our students, individually and collectively, have won trophies in various tournaments. Admission on the basis of sports need to be reviewed by the Admission Committee. However, the applicant applying on the basis of sports need to qualify the minimum admission requirements.
Q. Do you have other extracurricular activities?
A. Yes. We do have lots of activities every semester which also include regular foreign trips of students and faculty.
Q. What is social life on campus?
A. There is a wide variety of options: concerts, sport events, distinguished guest speakers, and extracurricular activities like movie and cricket shows, caricature competitions, singing and naat competitions, debates, speeches, etc.
Q. Does Greenwich have foreign collaborations?
A. Yes. Greenwich University has signed Memorandum of Understandings with public and private sector universities in Malaysia, Bangladesh and Turkey. Our students can go and complete their program or study some courses and bring back the credits of those courses.
Q. How active are alumni of Greenwich? Where do they work?
A. Greenwich graduates enjoy great success into all sectors. Alumni rank among the top echelons and serve as executives in all fields. They stay connected to the university after graduation as well. In Fact many alumni serve as career mentors for current students.
Q. What is accreditation?
A. Accreditation is a system for recognizing educational qualification as defined by the profession or other accrediting bodies.
Q. What is Higher Education Commission (HEC)?
A. HEC is the accrediting body for all private and public sector universities. Greenwich is in the top most category of HEC, which is “W”, formerly called “A” category.
Q. Where is Greenwich? How do I get there?
A. The Greenwich University is located in Phase VI, Darakshan, DHA. Next to Beach Avenue. Prominent directions are there on major roads leading to the University. Applicant driving from Kala pul should take Korangi Road and Right Turn towards Defence. For more details see road map on University’s website.
Q. Is hostel facility available?
A. We do not have hostel facility in the campus. However, on request it can be accommodated in the nearest vicinity on a walking distance by the administration.

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