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Fee Structure
Fee Structure: Pakistan Campus

Description PKR
Fee for obtaining and submission Greenwich University Admission Documents (Application Form, Prospectus, Academic Recommendation Forms and Greenwich Placement Test) 2,500
Undergraduate course tuition fee per credit hour (level 100–400) 3,700
Graduate course tuition fee per credit hour (level 500) 4,900
MS/M.Phil course tuition fee per credit hour (level 600) 6,100
Ph.D. Tuition fee per credit hour (level 700) 9,200
Registration fee per semester ( level 100–400) 4,300
Registration fee per semester (level 500) 5,500
Registration fee per semester (level 600) 5,500
Registration fee per semester (level 700) 8,800
Sports/extra curricular activities fees. 2,800
Computer Lab / Research Support facilities 2,800
Library Fees (Level 100 - 500) 1,500
Library Fees (Level 600) 5,800
Library Fees (Level 700) 7,400
Examination fee per course (Level 400 - 500) 750
Examination fee per course (Level 600) 1,100
Examination fee per course (Level 700) 7,700
Development Fund 2,800
Computer Lab Fee (Level 600) 5,800
Computer Lab Fee (Level 700) 7,400
Research Advisory Fee (Level 600) 11,000
Research Advisory Fee (Level 700) 35,200
Following fees are charged wherever applicable
Administrative charges (Transfer of Credit) 16,500
Withdrawal fee per course (level 100–400). 5,500
Withdrawal fee per course (level 500). 7,350
Withdrawal fee per course (level 600 and above). 9,150
Challenge examination fee for level 100–400 courses (per course). 11,100
Challenge examination fee for level 500 courses (per course). 14,700
Thesis Evaluation fee for level 600 and above 27,500
M. Phil Conversion fee 27,500
Exemption fee for work experience (level 100–400) per course. 11,100
Exemption fee for work experience (level 500) per course. 14,700
Duplicate University Identification Card 1000
Course Add / Drop fee 1000
Removal of “Incomplete Grade” fee. 3,500
Rechecking of examination marks (only final exam marks can be rechecked) 1000
Charges for late payment of course tuition fees. within 30 days (After 30 days the registration is automatically cancelled) 5,000
Issuance of Transcript. (Normal) (Urgent) 1,000 2,000
Graduation fee (level 100–400)
Associate Degree
Bachelor's Degree

Graduation fee (level 500 and above)
Masters/ MS/M.Phil/ Ph.d Program
  1. All students, new and already enrolled, must pay the tuition and registration fee for each semester at the time of registration. Only cash and Bank Pay Order will be accepted for all payments at the notified bank in favor of Greenwich University, Karachi (no payment will be accepted at campus).
  2. Financial obligation to Greenwich University during a semester must be cleared promptly: otherwise, students will not be allowed to register for any subsequent semester or receive academic transcripts, etc., until all his/her accounts are settled in full
  3. The above fee structure is subject to change without prior notice. Up–to–date information about fees will be posted by Admission Office before the beginning of each financial year/semester on the Notice Board/Website.
  4. Fees are non-refundable.

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