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Greenwich, aspires to be acknowledged globally as a stellar institution, is to groom students for earning respect & recognition and to think & act selflessly for the greater good of all the existence and environment.

Greenwich is committed to promote, enhance and maintain a quality education by producing competent human resource and conducting solution oriented to serve the national and global job-market with innovative edge based on virtuous values.

Core Values
Teaching, Research, Understanding, Scholarship, Training (TRUST)
  • Teaching: Excellent & Inspirational Teaching
  • Research: Meaningful & Purposeful Research
  • Understanding: Problem Understanding & Solving
  • Scholarship: Scholarly Working Environment
  • Training: Training of Mind & Soul

  • To foster student-centered environment for imparting excellent & inspirational Teaching, create love of learning, conduct meaningful Research, participate effectively in Community Services and ensure effective communication & ownership of values and strategy at all levels.
  • Greenwich students do not just join a university; they join lifelong fold called ‘Greenwich Fraternity’ that understands the value of loyalty and unconditional support. Therefore, well-being and safety of students, faculty & staff would remain a paramount objective of the university.

  • Teaching
    • To develop graduates’ skills, capacities and competencies which enable them to live and work successfully in corporate world and in an increasingly diverse society.
  • Research
    • To strengthen the existing Research facilities and initiate new Collaborative Research with national and International universities / organizations.
  • CSR
    • To create socially responsible environment which responds to the needs of served & Under-served communities by developing social programs, activities and events.
  • Health & Sports
    • To improve the quality of life and strengthen the ties among students the university seeks to improve further the health and sports facilities on the campus.

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